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To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn

About the book
To Sir Phillip, with love is the fifth book in the historical romance Bridgerton series and it follows of the story of Eloise. The book was published by Piatkus on 2nd November 2006 and it is 384 pages long.

After the death of his wife, Marina, Sir Phillip receives a condolence letter from Eloise as she was related to Marina. Sir Phillip replies like a true gentleman, thanking her for the note but then Eloise replies again and the two begin a weird friendship through correspondence.

Eloise Bridgerton has always believed that she will grow old as a spinster and has given up all hope of ever getting married due to her best friend, Penelope, marrying her brother, Colin. She feels a little bit sorry for herself and only a couple of hours after the end of the fourth book, Eloise decides to live a bit dangerously. Sir Phillip recently brought up the idea of marriage, even though they have never met, so she decides to pack and bag, travel halfway across the country and go to visit him.

Sir Phillip is shocked by Eloise's arrival but decides to try to make the best out of an awkward situation. He wants nothing more than a quiet life in the country but he also needs a wife, a mother for his two children and someone to manage his estates and he thinks that from the letters, Eloise will be perfect for all three jobs. Eloise only goes to visit Sir Phillip to determine whether or not they will suit but when she arrives, she is quite put out by his attitude. He is not even close to being romantic or charming and he is more grumpy than anything else. Even though she believes that he isn't the right man for her, there is definitely something between them and rather than be alone, she thinks that they will be able to work together to gain a mutual respect for each other.

What I thought
I was always looking forward to Eloise's story as she has some very quirky characteristics. I'm sure there wouldn't have been many women in the ton, from such a family as hers, that believed that they would never marry but that is exactly the way that she thought. She has always known her own mind and knows exactly what she wants and when she sets her mind on something, she goes right for it. Although she is serious quite a lot, she has her moments of comedy and manages to come out with some really funny and delightful things that I would have never expected from her. I really liked how Eloise would always try to make the most out of a bad situation and especially with Phillip, she tried to make things as good and comfortable for them both as she could.

Like most of the heroes in this series, Sir Phillip also has a troubled background. He had a bad childhood himself and doesn't want anything similar for his own children which is why he decides that he needs a new wife for himself and mother for them. Even though he desperately wants a happy family, ghosts from his past come back to haunt him and get in the way. There always seems to be something that haunts Phillip and it takes him a long time to get over this.

Eloise and Phillip are quite the opposite and it was quite funny when they finally met because they didn't quite know how to react to one another. While the couple grow closer all of the time, they also gain a large amount of friction because they cannot agree with each other on anything. It is quite obvious to the reader that they will have their happy ever after because that is the nature of the genre but the story tries to make you think something else. Their happiness is prolonged and they have to go through a lot on their journey and this is where the book seems quite strung out at times. I felt like some of it wasn't necessary at all and pages could have been used in a better way.

Quite a few of the Bridgerton siblings make an appearance in Eloise's story but then what else would you expect, considering that she ran away to another man's house on her own. The brothers make a huge entrance and demand to know what is going on and because of this, there is a lot of funny dialogue. The brothers can't seem to agree on anything either, especially when it comes to their hot headed sister. Quinn has a fantastic way of writing dialogue and it always seems real to me. Ok, there are the occasional out of place/ cheesy 'darlings' but I can forgive them. The main dialogue is always witty and funny but serious when it needs to be.

Phillip's children were another great addition to this story. The little rascals are very mischievous and they want nothing to do with Eloise when she arrives. They try everything that they can think of to get rid of her, even if that means playing some cruel practical jokes on her. What they don't bargain for is Eloise's sternness and they are a bit shocked when she puts them in their places.

This is one of the books in the series that is a lot more serious at times than the others and that is mostly due to Phillip's part of the story. Marina suffered with depression and attempted to kill herself so the beginning is quite sad but it soon changes and becomes a funny, romantic story. Not my favourite in the series but it is still a worthwhile read.

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