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The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

About the book
The Viscount Who Loved Me is the 2nd book in the Bridgerton series and it follows the story of Anthony, the eldest male. The book was published by Piatkus on 8th June 2006 and it is 384 pages long.

Viscount Bridgerton died when Anthony was only 18, aged 39. The father and son had always had a very close relationship, even when his other siblings came. Anthony didn't think there could ever be a better man than his father in every way possible and he knew that he would never surpass his greatness. When his father died, he knew that he would also never surpass him in age. Being the head of the family now, Anthony knew that he had a duty to provide an heir and look after his family but he swore he would never marry for love. All he wants is an intelligent woman who will be a good mother and wife. Edwina Sheffield is the belle of the season and while he finds her attractive, he knows he could never fall in love with her, so he decides that she is the one he will marry. 

Kate Sheffield and her family had never been extremely wealthy and she knew that her younger sister, Edwina (the beautiful one), was going to have to marry someone with money to keep their family going. When Anthony Bridgerton shows a slight interest in her, Mary (Edwina's mother and Kate's step mother) is delighted. Anthony has a bad reputation as a rake though and Kate makes it clear that she will never allow him to marry Edwina. 

Anthony has his mind set on Edwina and Kate has made it perfectly clear that she doesn't like him at all. The only way that he is going to be able to marry Edwina is if he gets Kate's approval but that isn't an easy task. As he tries to prove to her that he isn't as bad as everyone makes out but as he tries to impress her, he can’t help but feel connected to her in some way. Surely he can’t be falling for the other sister, the one who is the most dangerous woman of all to him? 

What I thought 
Anthony plays quite a large part in most of the books in this series because he is the head of the family and I was looking forward to reading his story (I didn't read these books in order). The introduction really helps Anthony's character development and although I couldn't personally relate to him, it did make him easier to understand and to like even though he came across as quite hard and without feeling at times. 

The worry and fear from both characters is one of the main themes throughout the story although because of different reasons for each character. Anthony's background runs very deep and the beginning of the book is extremely serious and sad. Even though this was the case, I liked the build up to the main story. Quinn also gives the audience some insight into Kate's past but we don't get to her real story until quite a way through the book. To have the two main characters share a traumatic experience, although in different ways, made them the perfect couple because they were able to help each other to work through their problems. 

Kate is strong, independent and outspoken at times and the ideal match for Anthony is every way. She is the exact opposite of what he would want in a wife because she has far too much opinion and feeling, everything that he isn't looking for. Kate was outstanding when she told Anthony exactly what she thought of him and his reputation and I really wanted to applaud her out loud. It would have taken a lot of courage for her to stand up for herself and risk ruining getting everything that her family needed but she couldn't stand for her sister to marry someone that wasn't right for her. 

Third brother Colin makes quite a few appearances throughout this book and I loved his parts just as much as the main story. He is a very comical character and in each book leading up to his own, his character develops just that little bit more, keeping you hooked to the series because you want to know more about him. 

The romance aspect to this story didn't happen as quickly as it normally would but that is due to the nature of the story. Many times I would think 'awww' throughout the story as there are many small things/ times where either Anthony or Kate show some affection towards the other even though they don't mean to. You can see that they will end up caring for each other greatly even when they don't see it themselves. 

I didn't love this book the first time I read it but each time I read it now, I love it more and more. I notice more of the little things each time I read it and that is why it gets better each time. If you are a fan of the author and haven't read this one yet, I would advise you to read it before you read Romancing Mr Bridgerton (Colin's story). 

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  1. I love the Bridgerton series! It's so difficult to pick out a favourite but Colin's is definitely tied at the top with Anthony's :D
    Great review!