Sunday, 10 March 2013

Not so guilty pleasures

After hearing Michelle (@cloverness) talking about her not so guilty pleasure not so long ago on Twitter, it inspired me to do a post of my own explaining about a few of mine. These are definitely not ‘guilty’ pleasures though because in no way am I embarrassed or secretive about any of them. I hold my hands up loud and proud about loving the things spoken about below!

Musical/ dance films
I own near enough to 500 films on DVD and I know a whole load of them are musicals and dance films. These films are my happy place. I can easily put on any one of these in my collection and watch it over and over again... not on the same day of course! I do have my favourites though which I will always put on if I can't decide what else to watch, these being Step Up 1 or 2, Dirty Dancing and Hairspray. All of these are feel good films and never fail to make me smile and sing along to them. It also makes me incredibly jealous of anyone who can actually dance. 

Wedding Shows
A lot of my followers already know that I'm getting married in September and how excited about it I am. When John and I were talking about marriage, I was a bit addicted to weddings shows and I still am. I just cannot get enough of seeing other people get married and how they do it so I will watch anything like Don't Tell The Bride, Four Weddings or Celebrity Wedding planners. What I love so much about these are being able to see so many different types of wedding and realising that everyone wants their big day to be something different. 

Cheesy Music
It is absolutely no secret that I have terrible taste in music. My i-Pod is filled with so much (what other people would class as) rubbish. When I open up at work, I have a dedicated playlist for cheese which includes Steps and the Spice Girls. Cheesy music is uplifting and it puts me in a good mood for the day. I don't care if other people can hear me blasting it on the bus. Who wants to hear depressing, slow music first thing in the morning? 

This video posted below, although I hate Justin Bieber with a passion, I cannot help but love it! It's so much better than the official music video which does seem a bit wrong really. 

So there we have a few of the things I am proud to love even though people will class them as 'guilty' pleasures. Do you agree with any of mine and what are your own? I'd love to know!

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  1. Oh, I love a good dance movie and the ones you mentioned are among my favourites!