Thursday, 30 May 2013

Between the Lines by Tammara Webber

About the book
Between the Lines is the first book in the New Adult series of the same name by Tammara Webber. It was published by Penguin on 14th February and the book is 384 pages long.

Plot Synopsis
Seventeen year old Emma is about to star in her first big film, after plenty of indie roles and commercials and the role is opposite Hollywood It Boy Reid. Even before going on location, Emma feels out of her depth but Reid is right at home. He’s used to the all night parties, girls throwing themselves at him and being followed by fans is all a part of everyday life for him. Luckily, the rest of the cast befriend Emma quickly and fellow actor Graham makes her life a whole lot easier. While Reid may be the obvious choice, Emma thinks Graham could be interested until she sees him coming out of another girl’s room.

On the other hand, Reid is extremely interested in Emma and cannot get her out of his head. With Emma, he’s experiencing something he never has before… genuine feelings and not just a one night stand. Is it possible for the player to win the girl?

What I thought
I absolutely loved Tammara Webber’s other book, Easy and was looking forward to read more of her New Adult titles.

Between the Lines is a bit different from the other New Adult books I have read so far, mainly due to the setting. This book is set within the film industry and more importantly, on location in Texas. Most of the other books in this genre that I have read have been set in college so it made a change to read about characters in a completely new and different setting. It was also interesting to see the characters reacting to such a different situation than we are used to in this genre. The book also takes on a modern day story of Pride and Prejudice, which is the film Emma and Reid are filming. It really reminded me of something along the lines of 10 Things I Hate About You.

This is a book that is told through the dual narrative of both Emma and Reid. I do like dual narratives due to really being able to get to know both of the main characters. Emma I really liked while Reid I wasn’t so hot about though. Emma is quite naive when it comes to the film industry due to her lack of major experience but Reid is completely the opposite. He knows exactly what he’s doing and how to play the people around him. He thinks he’s a big hot shot and can do whatever he wants while Emma is trying to get her head around everything that is happening and how it’s changing her life.

The romance in this book wasn’t at all what I was expecting it to be. I was expecting for this to be quite straight forward and for it to be a bit of a chase between Reid and Emma and while it was, there was so much more going on at the same time. Fellow cast member Graham is a large part of the story but one who is never quite in the forefront of what is going on. I can’t say that I was the biggest fan of Reid and Emma and their relationship. I always felt as though Emma was getting the rough end of the deal and Reid still did whatever the hell he wanted. There are also smaller plot lines regarding the romances of some of the other cast members which spiced things up a bit and broke up what was going on with Emma and Reid.

As a New Adult book, this one is extremely tame in the ways of sex scenes, which some readers will be happy to know. I, however, was quite disappointed. With this genre, I expect to get some of the stuff that isn’t included in Young Adult books and considering the majority of that characters are young and pretty much living in hotel rooms without supervision, I would have thought there would be some more crazy antics and fun going on.

Although not the best New Adult book I have read, it was certainly enjoyable and the ending was fantastic. I’m glad I have the second book waiting as I think it will be a much better book than the first. 

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