Thursday, 5 September 2013

Diary of a Crush: Sealed with a Kiss by Sarra Manning

About the book
Diary of a Crush: Sealed with a Kiss is the third and final book in the Diary of a Crush trilogy by Sarra Manning. Although originally a story in J17 magazine, the book was published recently by Atom on

Plot Synopsis
Edie and Dylan are finally a couple – properly without all the fighting, breaking up and kissing in-between. Edie is having a gap year after acing her A Levels and the dream of road tripping across America with Dylan is becoming a reality. Being stuck together in a car together for a whole summer will be the ultimate test for their relationship though. If they can make it through one crazy road trip, maybe they can make it through just about anything.

What I thought
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love Sarra Manning. There hasn’t been a book of hers yet that I haven’t completely loved and this book is no exception.

It has been a bit of a bumpy ride up until this point for Edie and Dylan. They’ve broken up and fought more times than I can remember and they’ve also done enough kissing to equal that amount too. The thing is, even though Edie and Dylan have had a very rough time of it, I have been hoping for the best for them since the very beginning. Sometimes I don’t think they should be together but for the most part, they’re just too perfect for each other for me not to hope.

In this final instalment of the trilogy, Edie and Dylan are finally a couple that aren’t fighting and they’re all loved up and happy. Now that Edie has a gap year ahead of her, she can start saving up for the road trip of a lifetime across America with Dylan. But, that’s nearly a whole year away at the beginning of the book and in the meantime there is work to do, band rehearsals to attend and a whole load of other crazy goings on. Sealed with a Kiss has a great plot and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

In the lead up to the road trip, Edie and Dylan show just how far they have come as a couple. Although much more sweet and loved up then before, the chemistry is still crystal clear to see. The first pages with them together made me remember just how much I loved seeing these characters together and I was so thankful to see them have a pretty smooth ride for a while in this book. However, Sarra Manning does what she does best too here – she throws in some exciting twists and turns to make Edie and Dylan question everything they have.

Something I have loved about the other two books is Edie’s relationship with her girlfriends. She’s such a fun and quirky character and comes with a whole host of others just as crazy as she is. In Sealed with a Kiss, we get to see more of some of the quieter characters which was nice. There are a lot of loud personalities in this book so it was great to have something a bit different this time around. There are also a couple of new boy characters introduced but they weren’t as good as some previous characters for me.

Strangely, Diary of a Crush (as a trilogy) doesn’t really have an ending. However, I didn’t mind this at all which I was a bit surprised about. Certain things are wrapped up nicely and in this third book, there is a nice end to the plot. But, nothing is especially clear about the ending for Edie and Dylan. The reason why I liked it is because it gives the reader chance to imagine the ending for themselves. Did they live happily ever after or did they break up once Edie went off to university. Even with things being left open, there was still a nice sense of closure as a reader.

Sealed with a Kiss was a great end to the trilogy for me and I can’t recommend this series enough

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  1. I have the whole trilogy but haven't read them yet. Think you've just tempted me to get started though!