Monday, 30 September 2013

A poem about love...

So today, on mine and John's wedding day, I thought I'd share a poem about love. This isn't just any poem written about love though, my new husband wrote it! I can't think of anything more perfect to be posting today.

What is this 'love' that we'd all give our lives for
We'd kill and we'd die for
We hope and we strive for
What is this feeling that strengthens like armour
I've never felt safer, I've never felt calmer
Love is my reason for waking from slumber
It strikes like the lightning, it rumbles like thunder
Before I had felt love I once used to wonder
Just what it would feel like
To live my life under
The knowledge that someone had chosen to love me
Who wants to be with me
Someone who could give me
A purpose for being, someone to come home to
I never imagined just what love could do

And then there was you

You came like a bolt of electric, the feelings were hectic
In good ways, they made me feel sick
Contentment and longing
and needing and wanting
The fire of desire and then something
Too strong to describe
Like the blood in my veins turned aflame
At the sound of your voice, at the sound of your name
Whenever you touched me
Whenever you looked at me
Whole world just shook to me
Everything's different
You are my only, the one I was born for
And when you are not there
It's painful how lonely it feels
What I feel, it can only be real
I couldn't imagine it, cannot explain it
And if I could bottle it, surely I wouldn't
The bottle would shatter, the pieces would clatter
The ringing would echo
Below and above
Oh look at this fool who thought he could catch love

Love captured me and it helped me to see
That with you I'm more than I thought I could be
Love is the feeling that says 'I will spend
all of my life with you, until the end'

Love is a word and it's also a feeling. A word to describe what with words is indescribable.

Love has to be felt to be known...and it is different, varied and can only be understood by those who share it.  There is no greater gift we can give to each other.  

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  1. That's beautiful. Did you two write your own vows?