Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top Romantic Destinations

It's no secret that I love a holiday but since being with John, my ideas about holidays have changed slightly. Before, I would try to go somewhere a little bit random like Finland and Estonia but now, I want to go somewhere at least a bit romantic and to have a perfect getaway with my man. So, seeing as we are now on our honeymoon, I have been thinking about romantic getaway destinations. 

Where we got married
Ok, so I know this isn't the most romantic place that you could choose for a holiday but it is where we are spending our honeymoon and where we got married so in itself, it will always be quite a romantic place for us. I also think that experiencing Disney together is quite romantic as it is both our first time there and it is supposed to be a magical place, no matter what age you are. 

Orlando also has the most romantic wedding venues. It took us quite some time to decide on a location with so many on offer but in the end, Cypress Grove was our number one pick. To get married at an estate house, overlooking an absolutely breathtaking lake is definitely romantic in my eyes. 

It is also no secret that I have been dying to go to Paris for a long time now. With France so easy to get to, I'm not quite sure why I haven't been already. However, we have decided to go for my 28th birthday in March and I couldn't be more excited to explore the city of love with my husband. Something I really want to do while there is visit the bridge on the Seine aka The Lock Bridge and take part in the tradition of putting our names on there. This is something I've read about in books and seen on films and it's certainly on my romance to do list.

Playing footsie while resting our aching feet
This is where John and I went on our first holiday together and is well-known as a top romantic holiday destination. I can't agree with this completely though because I didn't love it as much as I was expecting to but it was still magical in parts. The Spanish Steps are a wonderful place to sit and take in what is going on and a lovely place to spend time with a loved one. There were also some lovely little restaurants with intimate settings and romantic lighting.

For me, these three places will always be extremely special and romantic for their own reasons for me and John but I want to know where your ideal romantic destination would be and why!

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