Friday, 18 October 2013

Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines

About the book
Forever Too Far is the third book in the Too Far series (New Adult) by Abbi Glines. The book was published on 1st August 2013 by Simon and Schuster and it is 288 pages long.

Plot Synopsis
After promising her forever, Blaire began to believe that it was her and Rush until the very end but she’s realising that promises can be broken. Now that Blaire is pregnant, Rush knows that Blaire and the baby need to come first but his crazy family are threatening everything that he’s been working for. While Rush tries to figure out how to fit everyone into his life, Blaire struggles with making the right decision that could break her heart.

Will the couple that’s been working so hard to be happy together finally get what they deserve?

What I thought
The Too Far series is one I have had mixed feeling about. Whilst I’ve really liked one book, I didn’t like another so much so I was going into this final book not really knowing whether or not I would like it. However, I was happily surprised with this one.

Rush and Blaire have gone through so much by this point in the series. After secrets, lies and betrayals, they have to really work together if they’re going to have a happy ending. A quick recap is given at the beginning of the book, reminding readers that Blaire is now pregnant with Rush’s child and both characters couldn’t be happier. It isn’t long until new characters are introduced to stir things up a bit though but I loved the new additions and the way that the story was taken.

Someone who has been mentioned many times is Rush’s father, Dean Finlay – rock god! Up until this point, I had been hoping he would turn up at some point because I wanted to know where Rush got his attitude from. Dean is very much a smooth talker and womaniser but we get to past his rocker reputation as soon as he realises Blaire is pregnant. I loved the different sides to Dean because you could really see that although in love with his job, he really did love his family and would do anything for them – very much like Rush. Dean’s appearance is for a reason and not because of Blaire. Instead, Dean delivers some news that sets off the whole plot. Rush’s sister Nan is being a pain in the arse and no one but Rush will be able to sort her out so really, Dean comes to get Rush to help.

Over the course of the series, Nan has been a complete bitch to Blaire and has always been jealous of her and Rush’s relationship. I was so glad to see Blaire be the better person here as Nan threw a lot more at her. She managed to try to be understanding for Rush, to be there for him while helping Nan but also, she didn’t take any crap from Nan and stood up for herself which was nice to see. I really enjoyed the plot surrounding Nan as not only did it bring in new characters but it also set up other books and other plots.

Along with Blaire’s development in regards to her empathy towards Nan, Rush has also come a hell of a long way. Gone is the shallow, play boy and instead we get such a loving and sweet young man. His relationship with Blaire has definitely changed Rush for the better and it was so wonderful to see how much he cared for both Blaire and the baby. Rush has some struggles with who to put first in his life but once he got it into his head that he would be a father and a husband, he and everything around him changed. He couldn’t have become a more caring person.

Overall, Forever Too Far has a mix of fantastic plot, utterly sweet romance with a few steamy scenes and great characters. What a great ending to the series!

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