Saturday, 5 October 2013

Romance in films

As a big lover of films, I thought I would give you my top romances/ couples in films. This could have turned into one massive list considering the amount of films I have seen but I've tried to cut it down a little. 

The thing about romance in films for me is getting to see people be so utterly happy and in love. I absolutely love the big, grand gestures as well as impressive and romantic weddings. I also really enjoy watching a couple as they grow to love each other and the things that bring them together. Romance films for me are something that never fail to cheer me up, or enable me to have a good cry at a soppy story if that's how I'm feeling. 

So, here we go:
(These are in no particular order)

Melanie and Jake (Sweet Home Alabama)
Oh, how I was routing for these two to finally get it together again at the end of the film. Melanie and Jake has instant chemistry from the moment we see them on screen together and you can tell that they've had a troubled past. Their story was a heartbreaking one as we realise exactly what they have been through. Although moving so far apart, Melanie and Jake are more alike than they're willing to admit and that's partly what made them such a great couple for me. 

Patrick and Kat (10 Things I Hate About You)
So these two aren't one of my favourite couples in the romantic sense, because that doesn't happen too much in 10 Things I Hate About You. But, Patrick and Kat have such a fire between them and their chemistry was amazing. I couldn't get enough of their banter and Kat being quite mean to Patrick throughout the film. But, they also do have a wonderful relationship once they pull down the walls each of them have up. 

The Princess Bride
One of my absolute all-time favourite films. The love story between Buttercup and Westley is one I could never forget and one that makes me sigh at its sweetness every single time. Westley will go to any length to protect his one true love and the adventure taken to get to a happy ending makes their relationship even more exciting and lovely to watch. I remember the first time watching this thinking, 'Buttercup, its Westley behind the mask!'. I couldn't wait for her to realise who she was spending time with and to realise that her love had returned for her. 

Pretty Woman
Who doesn't love Pretty Woman? I think this must have been one of the first romance films I ever saw and I remember my aunt introducing me to it. Never have I cheered on a couple so much and desperately wanted them to have their happy ending. The ending of this film is what gets me every time, where Edward 'rescues' Vivian and climbs up the steps to get her. The ending is just so unbelievably romantic for me because really, every girl wants to be treated like a princess. 

Jack and Rose were doomed right from the start bless them. Coming from completely different worlds, these two characters never stood a chance of happiness in the long run but what makes this film so romantic is the little time they do get to spend together. Jack and Rose make the most of every minute they have together and spend it as though it is their last. Titanic is one of those films that never fails to make me cry because even though I know the outcome, I still want them to end up happy together. 

Do you agree with my choices? What films/ couples would you have on your list?

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