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Never Too Far by Abbi Glines

About the book
Never Too Far is the second book in the Too Far (new adult) trilogy by Abbi Glines. It is also part of the larger Sea Breeze series. The book was published by Simon and Schuster on 1st August and it is 272 pages long.

Plot Synopsis
Blaire thought she had found her perfect guy in Rush. That was until she found out the secret he was keeping that would end up destroying everything she had ever known.

She thought she could run back home and forget about the guy who affected her in such an important way, and she could, until something changed her and her life forever. Now, she’s forced to face Rush once more. Blaire knows she’s still in love with Rush but will be she able to trust him again after hurting her so badly?

What I thought
The Sea Breeze series by Abbi Glines has been a bit hit and miss for me and before this one, I had read 4 in the series. The first book of Blaire and Rush’s story wasn’t one I was completely in love with but I’m still always left wanting to know what happens next. So, when the sequel came out, I had to buy it and it didn’t take me long to finish reading it once I had started.

Never Too Far starts off with a bang. Blaire has run away back to her home town after finding out secrets about her mother and extended family, leaving her unable to deal with Rush, the hot guy/step-brother she’d been having a romantic tryst with. However, Blaire has some shocking news that changes everything and means that she has to head back to the one guy she wanted to be able to trust but can’t.

There are some great twists right from the very beginning of this book which is partly why I liked it much more than the first book. My problem with Fallen Too Far was the severe lack of plot but luckily that aspect was much better in this sequel. Although there is still a lot going on between Rush and Blaire, they now have a past, things to work on and a lot more character development. The things revealed at the end of the previous book means that Never Too Far works on problems between characters, how relationships can move forward after shocking events and how certain things affect different people. I loved how this book contained much more than just hot sex scenes.

I was honest in my review of the previous book and said how much I disliked Rush. He was shallow, a player, possessive and a bloody idiot. However, I am so happy to say that my opinion of him has now changed. Rush started off living a pretty wild lifestyle and doing whatever the hell he wanted. But, Blaire has helped him to see the error of his ways and what loving someone can do to a person. While the possessive side was still there, it was toned down a lot. Now, Rush manages to be possessive but in a caring way at the same time. His bossing Blaire around at times was clearing for her own good and he really did want what was best for her.

While I liked Blaire before, I disliked her a bit in this book. I loved how strong she was in Fallen Too Far and although she had been through a lot, she seemed to have lost that strength here. Gone is the girl that threatens people with guns and stands up for herself. Instead, she changes her mind every two minutes and seems to be a bit flakey when it comes to making solid decisions. She flitted from one thing to another quite quickly and while there may have been some reasons for that, they just weren’t good enough for me. I wanted to see the determined and free-willed girl come back and stand up for herself.

Secondary characters really helped to make this book better than the first. Bethy and Woods especially were two of my favourites, mainly because they were so thoughtful, caring and there for Blaire when she needed friends the most. Not only that though, but they were great characters with great personalities all on their own. Bethy has gone from a girl without much confidence to really standing up for herself and saying exactly what she thinks. I loved her! Other characters such as Rush’s sister Nan also helped to add drama to the plot and to make it more substantial.

I am so happy that I liked this book much more than the first. Now, I can’t wait to read the last book in Rush and Blaire’s trilogy.

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