Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Ever After of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

About the book
The Ever After of Ella and Micha is the third and final book in the new adult series by Jessica Sorensen. The book will be released in the UK on 4th December by Sphere but it has already been released in e-book form. I received an e-book for review through NetGalley.

Ella and Micha’s big day is finally just around the corner and it should be everything both of them have ever wanted. They have come so far just to get to this point but something threatens to ruin it all. Not long before the wedding, Ella receives a package which reminds her of her past and everything she doesn’t want to be. The package threatens Ella’s happily ever after because she doesn’t know if she’s supposed to have one.

No matter what, Micha has always said he would always stand by Ella but when his band gets the opportunity of a lifetime, he is torn. He desperately wants to tour and to try to make it big but can he really ask Ella do to this with him? Are their versions of happily ever after different?!

If the couple who has been through everything together want to finally hear wedding bells, they are going to have to figure out their lives for good this time.

What I thought
The Ella and Micha series has been not only my favourite from Jessica Sorensen but also one of my favourite new adult series in general. I couldn’t wait to get to the final book to see how things turned out for my favourite couple.

With one failed wedding already, Ella and Micha are both unsure of their future at the beginning of this book. Ella receives a package from her past that makes her question everything and although Micha tries to be there for her, he doesn’t really understand. He loves Ella completely and would do anything for her and all he really wants is for them to be husband and wife. Ella’s worries annoyed me a little bit as it was completely clear that Micha wasn’t going anywhere, no matter what happened between them.

Unlike in the other books in this series, there are no major dramas, no major upsets and nowhere near as much excitement as before. I was a little disappointed to see this plot be so plain sailing. There are a couple of little things that happen throughout the book but nothing really to make your heart race. I wanted some major drama before getting a nice ending but unfortunately, this wasn’t what I got.

Instead though, there are a lot of loose ends tied up which was a really nice aspect to the book. There were things explained that had been happening over the course of the series which I was happy with. It was also nice to get a better knowledge about Ella’s family as there had been things hidden throughout the series and I was desperate to know what Ella’s mother had really been like.

Even though this book wasn’t nearly as exciting as the previous two books, I did still really enjoy it. It was good to have everything cleared up as well as for the characters to get everything that they deserved. 

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