Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines

About the book
Simple Perfection is the second book in the new adult ‘Perfection’ series by Abbi Glines. The book was published by Simon and Schuster on 3rd December 2013 and it is 272 pages long.

Until Della Sloane walked into his life, Woods Kerrington had his life all planned out. He was set to follow in his father’s footsteps even if he didn’t want to. Della changed everything though and made him question what he wanted out of life. However, his father’s sudden death puts Woods in a difficult situation with a whole business to manage and an overbearing mother to care for at the same time.

Della tries to be there for Woods in any way she can but she has problems of her own to deal with. After a terrible childhood, she struggles to cope with everything going on around her. She doesn’t think that she can be everything that Woods needs in his life, causing doubt and uncertainty to taint their relationship.

Will Woods and Della be able to work through their problems before their relationship is completely broken?

What I thought
Abbi Glines is one of my go to authors when I want something a bit steamier than a young adult book. She never really fails to disappoint me and the Perfection series is one of my favourites of hers so far.

Simple Perfection starts from where Twisted Perfection ended. Woods’ father has just died and his whole life is turned upside down. Not only does he now have a business to run but his mother is giving him the cold shoulder and he doesn’t really understand why, especially as she helped his father when he tried to ruin his life. Anyway, many problems are thrown in from the very beginning which made the plot instantly interesting.

Woods’ girlfriend Della has had to cope with a lot in her life without having to deal with everything that Woods’ father’s death brings as well. However, as bad as things got in this book she did try to stay as positive as possible without really letting herself get down about things. I really admired her for this, especially when she could have broken down quite easily. Della is also such a joy to read about not only because she overcomes so much but because she was such a fun character. She really comes into her own during this book as she is able to have a bit of time to really get to know herself and decide what she wants.

Woods also has some fantastic character development. He desperately wants to protect Della from anything bad coming into her life but he doesn’t always understand that he can’t fix everything and some things she needs to do for herself. Due to his father dying so suddenly, Woods has a lot of responsibility to take on in regards to his family and the business. He has to grow up very quickly and it was great to see him do this and take charge when he needed to.

While the plot of Simple Perfection wasn’t the most exciting, I still couldn’t put it down. Getting to know the protagonists more and more is what kept me hooked to this one. They were characters that I had liked in another book and had wanted to read their story for some time. Not only are Della and Woods great but Abbi Glines always adds in characters from other books which is how they all tie in together. It is always great to see what some of my other favourite characters are getting up to and how they can all help each other.

Simple Perfection was a great addition to Abbi Glines’ wonderful collection of new adult novels. Highly recommended! 

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