Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Impossible by Koman Kant

About the book
Impossible is a (mature) young adult book by Koman Kant. It was published by the author on 24th October 2012 and the book is 254 pages long.

Ashton Summers and Luca Byron used to be best friends. Now, they wouldn’t even look at each other in the school hall let alone talk to each other. They do live next door to one another though which can make things extremely awkward. Ashton has now made new friends and is part of the popular, cheerleading crowd while Luca dyed his hair black and everyone thinks of him as a devil worshipper.

The two old best friends have absolutely nothing in common anymore so falling in love should be impossible, right?!

What I thought
Impossible was one of those Kindle books that I found on Amazon for free at the time I downloaded it. I love getting the free Kindle books sometimes because you can find some real gems that you may not have looked at before.

Ashton Summers is finally where she always wanted to be; popular and a cheerleader. She’s actually quite annoying at the beginning of the book because she thinks that is all that matters in life and I wanted to give her a bit of a slap to knock some sense into her. It’s clear that she’s changed from the person that she used to be in order to climb the social ladder at school which really makes her quite fake. She was also shallow and a bully. Not the kind of character that you love instantly is it?

Then there is Luca who I did feel quite sorry for. He is seemingly happy with who he has become but he is constantly put down by Ashton and her annoying shallow friends. I did quite like him though as he didn’t take any crap from anyone and just got on with what he wanted to do. The thing about Luca for me was that there was actually something about him. He had a passion for music and he was sweet and funny as well.

Impossible’s plot focuses on Ashton and Luca rekindling their friendship but it takes quite a while for them to really get there. Luca certainly doesn’t like the person that Ashton has become. There is a large part of the story that deals with bullying but I can’t say that it was done right. While Ashton bullying others is a large part of the story, she is never really punished for her actions nor does she get how wrong she has been. I really wanted Ashton to learn more from her mistakes but instead she just seemed to change in an instant without ever really having to deal with what she had done.

Unfortunately, I didn’t love this book but it was still an okay read. The chemistry between Ashton and Luca wasn’t very realistic and their emotions and feelings were never really an important issue. It was more about sexual chemistry than anything else. Also, I don’t feel as though the character development was strong enough for Ashton when it could have been so much better. 

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