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Defying Destiny by Deanna Chase

About the book
Defying Destiny is a new adult book by Deanna Chase. The book was published in paperback format on 14th March by Bayou Moon Publishing and it is 266 pages long. I received an e-book for review.

Lucy Moore thinks she has her whole life figured out. She’s 21, in love with her soul mate Cadan and has the career of her dreams as a singer-songwriter. She and Cadan have a recording contract and she couldn’t be happier than sharing what she was born to do with the man she loves. But, after the death of her father and Cadan betraying her, Lucy goes back home to sort her life out.

Seth Kennan seems to be exactly what Lucy needs and he’s always there when she needs him. He has secrets though and ones he isn’t willing to share with her yet. When it comes to women, he never normally sticks around for very long but Lucky seems different. First her voice lured him in and then he began to get to know her. Now he can’t stay away but will she take a chance on someone when she knew she had her soul mate already?

What I thought
I generally tend to really enjoy books set around a musical world as they’re normally really creative and deep which is why I wanted to read this book.

Lucy is a singer in a band with her boyfriend Cadan and they also write the songs they play. She knows that Cadan is her soul mate (I’ll get to that later) and they’re madly in love. But, Cadan cheats on Lucy and she screams and shouts at him and tells him that it’s over. I did respect her for telling Cadan off but that didn’t last very long. She goes back to him a couple of times even when she’s adamant that she won’t after what he does to her. Anyway, she has a fiery personality and that was something I liked about her. You never knew what she was going to do next even if that was rushing in to things at times.

Cadan was horrible and I absolutely hated him. That’s pretty much all I have to say because I’ll explain a bit more about him in the soul mate section.

Seth I was also very unsure of. I liked him for the most part but he also had a ‘mate’ and focused on that far too much. He was a character with so many problems but unlike with Lucy, I enjoyed watching him work through those problems and learn from his past experiences. However, some of his issues aren’t very realistic, especially in the way that they’re dealt with so I thought that this could have been done a little bit better. Seth is a bit of a tortured soul and who doesn’t like a character like that?

The whole soul mate aspect of this book annoyed the hell out of me. I wouldn’t have minded but from the very first page you’re expected to believe that everyone has one soul mate. There was no explanation of Lucy believing in this, or any other character for that matter, everyone else just seemed to think that was what happened. Not only that but Lucy’s soul mate was an arsehole and a half. He cheated on her and treated her like dirt! What kind of soul mate is that?! Not one I would want, that’s for sure. And, if Cadan was really Lucy’s soul mate to begin with, why would she ever go for anyone else. I just didn’t get it and I didn’t believe it at all.

As for the plot, it was all a bit meh. Nothing exciting really happened and all we really get is a lot of back and forth from Lucy. There were so many decisions gone back on and no one knowing their own minds. I wanted more substance from all of the characters involved and I wanted them to be more solid. It seemed as though the author couldn’t make up her mind about which direction she wanted the story to go in which is why it was all over the place.

It was such a shame that I didn’t really like this book because it did have promise. 

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