Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hitched! by Jessica Hart

About the book
Hitched! by Jessica Hart is a romance novel. It was published by Harlequin Kiss on 22nd January and the book is 224 pages long.

Synopsis (Taken from
Planning the most-talked-about wedding of the year is enough to break engineer Frith Taylor out in a cold sweat. She's used to construction sites, not wedding fairs! But estate manager George Challoner's offer of help is one that's too good to resist. George may be the rebel of the prestigious Challoner family, but his insanely good looks are giving Frith wedding fever! Charm personified, he's making her feel things she hasn't dared feel before. Maybe her little sister's wedding won't be the only one Frith's planning...?

What I thought
It’s not very often I get chance to read adult books nowadays but I have a huge TBR pile and I’m going through it quite randomly at the minute. This one seemed like a quick and easy-going read at only 224 pages.

The protagonist of this book, Frith (I really hated her name) is a busy woman. She’s just taken on a huge project which she hopes will make it possible for her to get an amazing job overseas in the not too distant future. She has a plan you see, and doesn’t want to stray from it. I loved that Frith was so rigid with her lists and plans because that aspect of her character sounded just like me. She likes to be organised and likes to know exactly what’s going on. However, as she doesn’t want anything to get in the way of her plans, she doesn’t tend to have much fun. Or any really.

Even though Frith is out in the middle of no-where, her celebrity sister Saffron, is planning the wedding of the year and when she has a melt-down, she enlists Frith to help. Saffron is as opposite to Frith as you can imagine and the contrast in characters was a good one. Saffron isn’t actually in the story too much but her being around makes Frith panic and change how she acts. This is where love interest George comes in. Frith needs a date to one of Saffron’s parties and George has been asking her out for ages. While Frith just wants a favour, George wants much more.

The banter between Frith and George was funny throughout the whole book, especially as one character was more into the other to begin with. The two characters are also quite different so their personalities coming together was interesting and entertaining. The journey the pair goes on was light-hearted but also sweet and romantic at the same time. While this is an adult novel, there is no adult content in the ways of sex scenes etc. so this will appeal to readers younger than adult age as well.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve read any chick lit but Jessica Hart reminded me of why I like it so much. The story was a lovely, easy read and one that was entertaining throughout.

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