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Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson

About the book
Rescue Me is an adult novel by Rachel Gibson and is the third book in the Lovett, Texas series. The book was published by Corgi on 6th December 2012 and it is 384 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy.

Synopsis (Taken from
Things are getting tricky for sexy Sadie Hollowell, about to be forced into a bubblegum-pink bridesmaid dress for her little cousin Tally Lynn's wedding. And if that ain't problem enough, the second she drives back into town, the entire population of Lovett, Texas will be fixing her up with the nearest available man - any man. She needs a rescue plan now. And good-looking stranger Vince Haven might just be the perfect 'date' she needs to get her family off her back.

But moody ex-Navy SEAL Vince Haven is only stopping by Lovett to visit his crazy Aunt Luraleen. 'No strings attached'is his motto, and he'll be damned if he acts as any woman's fake date! Sadie's out of luck again - but when Vince's aunt makes him an offer he can't refuse, he could be hanging around town for a while. And if Sadie gets that date after all, she might just get more than she bargained for!

What I thought
I’ve never read a Rachel Gibson book before although I have heard such good things about her books so I really wanted to give one a go. Although this is the third book in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone and you needn’t have any knowledge of the other books at all.

Rescue Me begins by telling the story of Sadie Hollowell, a girl born and raised in Texas and a girl who couldn’t get away quickly enough. She hasn’t been home to the ranch and her father in a long time but when a cousin getting married has her as a bridesmaid, she can’t say no. Sadie is a very independent woman, not letting anyone tell her what to do and she definitely doesn’t rely on any man. In fact, she barely ever has boyfriends. It took me a while to warm to Sadie but mainly because it took a while to really get to know her character. It wasn’t until her backstory and family history were explained that I really felt like I knew who she was.

Then there is Vince. Vince is the super hot guy Sadie rescues on her way into town. Like Sadie, Vince has a past and not one he is too willing to share with anyone. Being an ex-Navy SEAL, Vince has been all over the world and seen a great many things. It also means he has a body you’d want to lick! He also doesn’t really do relationships and is more a one night stand kind of guy. Vince is able to find a woman to keep him satisfied wherever he goes but it never gets to be anything more than that. Although Vince does sound like an asshole when describing him, he wasn’t at all. He knows what he wants and is very upfront about how he feels about relationships.

As both Sadie and Vince are stuck in town for a little while, they strike up a friends with benefits kind of situation although neither of them were expecting to. The way that these two characters begin to hit it off was extremely hot! The chemistry between these two character was absolutely smoking and I loved every second of them being together. As this is an adult novel, there is a hell of a lot of sex throughout but Rachel Vincent keeps it interesting by changing things up all of the time. Nothing is ever boring, which is also a theme running through this book.

Remember Me is a romance novel with a slightly dated setting but also with a really modern feel to it. The small town of Lovett, Texas is where the dated part comes in. It’s a town where everyone knows everyone else and their business but it also felt modern because of where Sadie and Vince have spent their time beforehand. I also really liked the use of the ranch belonging to Sadie’s family because I tend to put that together with Texas. Stereotypical I know but I can’t help it. The plot was pretty predictable though but I don’t expect new and extremely exciting plots from romances. They’re not why I read them.

I’m really happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first Rachel Gibson book and now want more!

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