Friday, 29 November 2013

Deeper by Blue Ashcroft

About the book
Deeper is a new adult novel by Blue Ashcroft. The book was published on 31st July and it is 226 pages long. I received an e-book for review through NetGalley.

Rain Wilson swore to herself that she would never love again after her boyfriend dies in a water park accident. Although she can never forget what happened, Rain needs to move on with her life and finds herself as a senior lifeguard in a new town and at a new waterpark.

Rain believes that she can get through the summer just fine as long as everyone stays safe. But, before the season starts, she meets a mysterious guy in the water and can’t stop thinking about it. It turns out that the guy is Knight Mcallister, her co-supervisor.

Rain and Knight both have pasts to hide and each’s problems begin to affect their ability to do the job, let alone their attraction to one another. They must learn to trust each other and push their pasts aside in order to carry on with life and to do the job that they’re there to do!

What I thought
I can’t say that I have ever read a book set in a water park before and that was partly what attracted me to this one. I also wanted a summery read for while I was on holiday in Orlando.

Deeper begins with a prequel which explains how Rain and Knight met in the first place. The prequel really sets the scene well and it gives glimpses of both of the main characters. We learn that Rain has secrets, although not what they are, and that her feelings towards the stranger she meets in the water are far from normal for her.

When the two characters meet properly for the first time, each is shocked to find out they’ll actually be working together. Rain is only 19 and this is her first time in a senior role as a lifeguard as a water park. Knight is concerned about Rain’s age and how she will be able to cope with all of the hormone filled boys around the park. Both characters quickly establish the fact that they have something to fight for and reasons for being the way they are.

As plots go, this one was pretty good. I really enjoyed the water park setting as it was something different and exciting. The setting provided a whole host of problems and situations that I hadn’t read about before. However, while the book had a new setting to me, there were also aspects of the plot that I had read about before. Blue Ashcroft manages to blend new and ‘done before’ really well, giving the reader familiar situations while putting them in a new setting.

Unfortunately though, I didn’t exactly love Rain. She puts a lot of pressure on herself in her new job due to events that happened previously. Many times throughout the book, she refers to the boy that died as her boyfriend but he had only asked her out on a date that day (although he had tried many times before). This was the one and only time that she said yes to him and to me, that does not make him her boyfriend. I could understand the pain she felt in regards to his death but she made the guy out to be more to her than he actually was. Because of this, she bugged me a bit throughout the book but she wasn’t all bad really.

Knight, however, was wonderful. His pain was definitely justified after what he had gone through. He is pretty tough a and hard on himself and feels that he could have done more to stop what happened in the past. Whereas I didn’t like Rain for how hard on herself she was, I could understand why Knight felt this way. He was extremely protective of people around him and with good reason. Knight is a caring and thoughtful guy and I really enjoyed getting to know him more.

Deeper was a bit of a mixed bag for me but overall, I did like it. I would have liked it a lot more if Rain had been a bit different though. 

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