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The Forever of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

About the book
The Forever of Ella and Micha is the second book in The Secret series by Jessica Sorensen. The book was published by Sphere on 24th October and it is 416 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

Plot Synopsis
Ella and Micha have finally found happiness with each other after a lot of kept secrets and heartbreak. Ella has gone back to school but is failing to deal with the events of his past while Micha is on the road with his band, worrying about how Ella is coping. Being away from Ella is much harder than Micha thought it would be but he refuses to ask her to leave college just to be with him. They spend barely any time together with their lives being so busy but the few moments they do have are filled with passion and love. Will they be able to work through all of their problems in order to get the forever that they deserve?

What I thought
Jessica Sorensen is one of my absolute favourite new adult authors and I could not wait to get my hands on this book.

The book takes place from where The Secret of Ella and Micha left off, with Micha travelling with his band and Ella at school in Vegas. They had a lot of problems in the first book as they were both dealing with a lot. Now they have been able to admit what they mean to one another, they should be extremely happy. But, Ella is struggling to cope with certain events of her past and Micha isn’t there to help her. I really enjoyed the fact that Ella and Micha were separated for a large amount of this book. Previously, readers go to see how much they relied on each other and how much they needed each other for support. So, it was interesting to see how each of them coped without the other.

However, as much as I liked the separation, I also feel like the balance could have been better. Ella and Micha really don’t get to spend much time together and I think this was needed in order to really show their feelings for one another. While I knew how they felt about each other from reading the first book, I don’t think it was shown nearly as strongly in this one. Many of the things that this couple bicker and fight about this time around seem quite silly at times and are normally resolved by having make-up sex. Due to the lack of time spent together and the silly fights, Ella and Micha came across as a couple teenagers who didn’t know what being in a real relationship was.

Character wise, there is plenty of development though and this is due to the nature of the plot. Ella is forced to spend a lot of time on her own, therefore having to deal with her problems although she doesn’t do this in the healthiest way. She has a problem with the past and worries that she’ll turn out like her mother who was bi-polar. Considering the reason for her mother’s death, I didn’t really understand why Ella was so reluctant to see a therapist. I would have thought she would know that it would be the best option to help with her mental health. Ella grows a lot over the course of this book, being able to deal with her problems and learn from them.

Micha doesn’t do quite as well as Ella though but I think that is mainly because the plot revolves around Ella’s problems more. Still, Micha is the cocky guy that I grew to love in the first book and I have a soft spot for him. He’s the guy with an attitude, a sexy lip ring and has a certain way with words. As much of an attitude as he has, he only has eyes for Ella and most of the time, treats her extremely well. He clearly shows how much he loves her, even if he does make a few silly mistakes along the way.

Overall, while The Forever of Ella and Micha was a good book, it just wasn’t as explosive as the first for me. There is still a hell of a lot of passion in there but the plot could have been a bit better.

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