Monday, 25 November 2013

Star Struck by Amber Garza

About the book
Star Struck is a new adult novel by Amber Garza. It was published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on 27th June and the book is 308 pages long. I received an e-book for review through NetGalley.

Plot Synopsis
Star definitely does not go for rockers or bad boys and she doesn’t believe in love at first sight… until she meets Beckett. He’s the one guy she knows she should probably stay away from but he’s also the one guy she can’t keep away from. Problem is, he wants absolutely nothing to do with Star. What will it take to make him take a risk on her?

What I thought
Bad boys and rockers are a bit of a weakness of mine in books so this was one that obviously appealed to me.

Protagonist Star is a lovely, sweet girl who has just moved away to college with her best friend. Loving to sing, Star takes part in an open mic night where someone asks her to join his band. She’s a nervous kind of girl and isn’t sure what to think of this guy’s proposition but figures she might as well give it a try, considering how much she loves music. However, when she arrives at practice, the band’s leader doesn’t take a shine to her, makes her audition and then says no. Lead singer Beckett definitely doesn’t want Star in the band but deep down he knows just how good she is.

Opposite Star, Beckett is completely different. He’s hard, doesn’t share his emotions and he wants to get his own way all of the time. Beckett takes an instant dislike to Star but he has his reasons, which he isn’t willing to share. I really enjoyed how Star challenged Beckett in this book. She forces her way into his life because she really does want to be a part of his band. She shares his love for singing and is especially drawn to his voice, which she can’t get enough of.

This is a much that really revolves around the music. While that aspect of the book was great, with some wonderful lyrics being shared, I feel that it wouldn’t have stuck together without it. If the music aspect hadn’t have been there, Star and Beckett wouldn’t have had much at all. The music is a way for both characters to share how they’re feeling and for them to express themselves. It is also what both characters have in common.

There are some really great secondary characters in this book in the form of Ryker and Lola although I don’t feel as though either were used in the best way. I wanted to know more about each of these characters and I wanted them to be more at the forefront of the story. I would absolutely love to read another book about either of these characters. At times, they were the characters who made everything happen and held the story together so it was a shame they weren’t around as much as they could have been.

Star Struck is a good book with a lot of emotion written into the pages so it was a shame a few things let it down.

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