Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Changing reading habits and preferred genres

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When I first started blogging, I was very interested in young adult fantasy romance novels such as Twilight. Now that I have been blogging for a good few years, my tastes in books and also my reading habits have changed a lot. 

I remember starting my own blog back in June 2010, the summer before heading off to university and looking back, my reviews were so different to what they are now. Maybe not in regards to the way in which they're written but definitely what they're written about. My first ever review was of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey. It has been a long time since I've read anything like that though. 

During the time of having my first blog, and also the second which I shared with another blogger, I was easily reading 7 books a week. Somehow, while I was at university, I was able to read the most I ever have done in a week. Maybe that was partly due to having a job where I could read during my shifts a lot of the time, especially when I worked night times. Now, I'm lucky if I read 1 book a week. I work full time now and have other commitments at home and online. I'm also now a married woman and no longer have all of my time to myself. The last time I read more than 7 books in a short space of time was while I was on my honeymoon in Florida relaxing by a pool. Who knows when I can do that again! 

Not only do I no longer have the time to read as much as I used to but my preference in books has changed quite a lot. Over the years, I have gone from liking young adult fantasy and paranormal novels to young adult romance/ contemporary novels and now to the new adult genre. Maybe this is due to me getting older and wanting something different from a book. I do still go back to new adult contemporary quite often but it is very rare that I read something that isn't contemporary any more. I have fantasy/ paranormal books sitting on my to be read pile and they've been there for month. They will probably stay there for quite some time to come as well. 

I've been a blogger on and off for 3 and a half years now and I imagine in another 3 and a half years, my reading habits will have changed again. I wonder what I'll like reading in 2017. 

Do you find your reading habits change over time? How have they changed since you first started blogging?

I'd love to know your thoughts!

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