Friday, 10 January 2014

Hopeless For You by Hayden Hill

About the book
Hopeless For You is a New Adult novel by Hayden Hill. The book was published on 23rd September and it is 215 pages long. I received an ebook for review through NetGalley.

Ash Jensen is just beginning her journey of becoming a doctor at the University of Tennessee. Her fiancĂ© was killed in a car accident only a year and a half ago and she’s struggling to move on. She swore she would never love anyone again. But, when her best friend convinces her to work as an intern on a Canadian conservation for the summer, Ash gets a lot more than she bargained for.

Kade Gyllenhahl has tattoos, a rebellious attitude but a face and body to die for. Ash knows as soon as she meets Kade at the conservation that he’s the wrong man for her but she can’t help sneaking a glance at him. Lucky for Ash, Kade doesn’t have time for someone like her; an unreadable girl who lives by someone else’s rules. Plus, Kade knows the rules. No sleeping with other staff.

Ash and Kade manage to be paired up together for the summer but a routine field trip turns into something else entirely.

What I thought
I really liked the sound of Hopeless For You as soon as I read the synopsis. What makes this book so different from other New and Young Adult books is the setting, which was fantastic. Protagonist Ash and her best friend Gina head off to Vancouver, Canada to be interns at a conservation. The woodland setting was fantastic and certainly interesting. It also provided quite a few exciting but dangerous situations for the characters.

Hopeless For You is told in alternating chapters from both Ash and Kade’s point of view. Ash suffered the loss of her fiancĂ© only a year and a half ago and hasn’t really been herself since. Kade has a past and is known for being a player and a bit of a bad boy back at home and he does not want a girlfriend at all. Both characters were great to get to know mainly because they had such complicated pasts. Neither character was exactly who I thought they’d be and I really enjoyed seeing more of their true personalities come out over the course of the book.

Although both have their secrets and feel as though they don’t really fit anywhere, they manage to find that in common with one another and sparks fly. Also, neither wants a relationship of any kind so the attraction to each other is certainly unexpected. The actual romance of this book is pretty predictable, but then it wouldn’t be a romance book otherwise really would it? The predictability with Ash and Kade didn’t really bother me too much not only because I was expecting it but the plot had enough excitement going on at the same time.

As the book is set around a conservation setting, a lot of the plot takes place out in the woods where Ash and Kade, along with two others, are on the lookout for hawks there. But, some bad and unexpected things happen along the way and Ash and Kade find themselves cut off from their travel companions. This is where the plot really gets exciting. Ash and Kade are stranded in the middle of the woods with few ways to get back and food running out very quickly. I couldn’t believe some of the things that happened in this book and I held my breath so many times.

While this book is predictable, it is also a really good read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

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