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Crush by Nicole Williams

About the book
Crush is the third and final book in the new adult ‘Crush’ trilogy by Nicole Williams. The book was published by Simon and Schuster on 4th July and it is 400 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy through

Plot Synopsis
Lucy and Jude have had a rollercoaster of a relationship so far but three years later, they’re in college, engaged, living together and happy. When Jude get drafted to play in the NFL, things should only be getting better. Jude has finally managed to get his dream and his success means big changes. Lucy isn’t like most of the other player’s girlfriends and wives though and all the money in the world can’t buy her happiness.

Lucy has always wanted to be a dancer and for her, that can’t happen in California. With Jude in there and Lucy in New York, will their dreams keep them apart or will they find a happy ever after?

What I thought
This series has been one of my favourite new adult series so far and I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on the final book to see what would finally happen with Jude and Lucy.

Something that I have loved about this whole series has been Lucy and Jude’s explosive relationship. Even though they have both been idiots at times in the past, their strong love for each other shines through and I could never doubt their feelings for one another. In this book, I think these feelings are only intensified due to the plot. Right at the beginning, Jude is waiting for the call from the NFL to see where he is going to be drafted to. Unfortunately, even though his dream has finally happened, he gets to play for the team in San Diego which means he’s a couple of thousand miles away from the love of his life. Speaking from experience, I know how a long distance relationship can make you want someone so much more and that’s how things are for Lucy and Jude.

As characters, I think Jude wins hands down in regards to development over the course of the series. In this book especially, we get to see exactly how Jude has changed from book one and I do love the changes in him. Before, he was the guy who could flip so easily and not think anything through. Now, although he still does have some jealousy and a temper, he is much more mature. He is still possessive of Lucy but because he doesn’t want anyone else taking her away. While some could see this as a bad trait, I liked it about Jude. It showed how much he loved Lucy and that he would do anything to protect her.

Lucy on the other hand I didn’t like so much in this book. While it was clear she was happy about Jude getting to play in the NFL, she did a hell of a lot of moaning about things that happened because of this. Yes, I get that she didn’t want to be seen as a gold digger and there was emphasis on the whole ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ thing but she was just so damn ungrateful. Jude wanted to show Lucy the finer things in life, but she kind of threw that in his face. I could understand his reasons for doing so because they’ve had a pretty hard struggle and he’s from a place where he had no money or hope for a better life. He had worked hard to get to this place and he wanted to share that with Lucy.  

I really liked how this book managed to have a great plot, with some great twists and turns, while still wrapping up the story nicely. In Crush, we still get to see Lucy and Jude at their very best with some great arguments/ disagreements and then some hot make up sex. There is plenty going on due to Lucy and Jude being apart and this also brings in a whole host of secondary characters which make things a lot more exciting. Someone I was happy to see again was Jude’s long-time friend Holly and her son. Holly provided some much needed friendship and female company for Lucy.

Crush wasn’t my favourite out of the three books but I did certainly enjoy it. Nicole Williams writes amazing characters with sizzling chemistry and she makes her books ridiculously hard to put down! 

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