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Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

About the book
Fallen Too Far is the first book in the new adult series of the same name by Abbi Glines. The book has a release date of 4th July and is published by Simon and Schuster. This book is 247 pages long.

Plot Synopsis
After her mother passes away after a three year struggle with cancer, nineteen year old Blaire Wynn finds herself homeless. With only one person left to turn to, she phones her father, the last person she ever wanted to ask for help. But when Blaire turns up to his house all ready to move in, she is quickly surprised by the fact that her father and step-mother have gone to Paris and have left her with her new step-brother.

Rush is not the kind of guy that Blaire is used to having to deal with. He’s rich, arrogant and a massive player. However, he is also gorgeous and Blaire can’t take her eyes off him… even when he’s with another girl. Rush isn’t the kind of guy Blaire should be attracted to but she is, and maybe he feels the same way. Rush has secrets though and they could be exactly what pushes Blaire too far…

What I thought
Having previously loved Abbi Glines other new adult series ‘The Vincent Boys’, I couldn’t wait to give one of her other series a try.

Unfortunately, Fallen Too Far doesn’t really have much of a plot; not a substantial one anyway. The beginning of the book sees protagonist Blaire without a home and roughly $20 to her name. She has a small case of clothes, a gun and her truck but no one she can really turn to and trust. After her mother’s death, she is forced to move in with her estranged father who left her mother for another woman. Needless to say, Blaire isn’t his biggest fan. When she turns up at his house, he isn’t their but her new step-brother is. Most of the book follows Blaire as she steps into a completely new world and tried not to fall for her step-brother.

Now, first I feel like I must address the step-brother aspect of this book. I know some people have found this quite creepy/ a bit wrong but this wasn’t the bit that I minded so much. Blaire and Rush had never met before and they didn’t know about each other really. Also, they are step-brother and sister, not half which means in no way are they related so technically there is nothing wrong about them being together. Also, as the parents were absent for the most part of the book, it didn’t even feel as though they were step-siblings anyway.

However, I did have pretty mixed feelings about Rush. While he was pretty damn sexy in ways of his tattoos and piercings, there wasn’t much to him. He was shallow, self-centred for the most part and likes to sleep around. Even though I hated these parts of his character, he did have one or two slightly redeeming qualities which are explained later on in the book. I just wish there had been a lot more depth to Rush as I really wanted to like him a lot more.

Blaire was a much more likeable character although again, she had her own problems. Blaire isn’t used to the kind of life that Rush leads because she isn’t rich and can’t just do whatever she wants. She’s tough, knows how to handle herself and generally doesn’t let anyone walk all over her and these were the qualities that I loved about Blaire. She has had a pretty rough time of it with looking after her sick mother and I really did want her to catch a break and for things to get better. At least she did well getting a job that paid well and gave her a lot more independence.

As a girl with little experience outside of her own life and with guys, I did find Blaire to be quite na├»ve at times and this definitely affected her relationship with Rush. As the more experienced of the two, he had the ball in his court every single step of the way. He knew exactly how to play Blaire and how to get what he wanted out of her. At the same time though, Blaire did know what she was getting herself into after seeing the kinds of things that Rush got up to. The romance aspect of this book just didn’t completely do it for me, even with some pretty steamy sex scenes. These were slightly ruined by the lack of thought put into the content. As a book aimed at older teens/ early 20s, unprotected sex should not have happened in my eyes. I don’t think that this promotes healthy and safe relationships especially as there wasn’t even talk of the morning after pill afterwards.

While there are a few small shocks throughout the book, it was mostly just full of shallow characters who thought they could throw money at their problems. There were only a couple of good aspects for me and it certainly wasn’t as good as The Vincent Boys which was a book from the same author that I loved completely. Even though I wasn’t in love with this book, I will still read others by Abbi Glines with the hope that it was just this one I didn’t like. 

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  1. I read it a while ago and had a hard time finishing it. I was eye rolling through the whole book.
    I took the Vincent Boys out of my to read list, after this letdown..but if you say its worth it, I'll give it a try.. Great review!