Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fins are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs

About the book
Fins are Forever is the second book in the Fins series by Tera Lynn Childs. The book was published by Templar on 1st April 2012 and it is 304 pages long.

Plot Synopsis
After severing the magical bond with human boyfriend Quince, Lily has dedicated herself to a life on land instead of under the sea. On her eighteenth birthday, she will denounce her title as Princess of Thalassinia and the date is coming around quickly. When Lily’s cousin Dosinia is exiled, Lily knows she must have done something terrible. Now, Lily is in charge of getting Dosinia used to life on land and to rid her of her hated of humans. That might be easier than once thought too with Dosinia batting her eyelashes at Lily’s ex crush, Brody.

With enough on her plate, Lily could do without even more to deal with but then childhood friend from the sea turns up. He questions her decision to stay on land and gives her a very tempting offer to think about in the run up to her birthday.

What I thought
Over the past few months, my reading pile has been taken over by either new adult books or contemporary young adult books. There has been little time or interest put into reading things like paranormal or dystopian etc books. I just haven’t been feeling it recently but I have decided to attempt to read some older books which I have had on my shelves for months now. One of these was the second mermaid book by Tera Lynn Childs and as this is a review for the second book, there will be minor spoilers for the first book.

In the first book, protagonist Lily gave up being a mermaid (a mermaid Princess to be exact) in order to be with her human boyfriend and to live on land. What she didn’t tell boyfriend Quince though is that by doing all of that, she would be giving up her right to be the Princess of Thalassinia. A large amount of the first book was set underwater but in this one, Lily is going to high school, preparing for SATs and thinking about her future and college. I really liked the difference in setting as it helped to show what a big decision Lily had made.

Fins are Forever had quite a few plot twists which I really liked. Not only does Lily have to deal with everything that comes with being human, but her cousin Dosinia (Doe) turns up after being exiled. Doe has a strong hatred for humans and has been forced to live in the same world as them instead of her happy home under the sea. Lily is furious and doesn’t want to be the one to deal with her but that’s exactly what she gets. It is Lily who has to show Doe that she is wrong and to learn to love humans. Doe is all kinds of crazy and I loved the drama she brought to the story. She is the complete opposite of Lily so it was great to see the contrast between the two.

Something very unexpected was that Doe ends up forming a bond of her very own with a human… Lily’s ex-crush Brody to be exact. While this did bring out different emotions and characteristics in both Lily and Brody, it also forced the story to head back to the water for a while. It was nice to see familiar characters again and also for the world to be explained more. In this book, we get to know quite a bit about how the underwater world works and their political agendas. There was some quite serious stuff going on but I really enjoyed these aspects of the book. It made it something more than a cute mermaid romance story and gave it added depth.

I really enjoyed Fins and Forever and considering the ending of the story, I cannot wait to see what happens with Lily next. The end was a big shock for me but I loved every word. If you’re wanting a cute, easy read that’s a bit difference then I recommend this series. 

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