Friday, 19 July 2013

Just for Now by Abbi Glines

About the book
Just for Now is the fourth book in the new adult ‘Sea Breeze’ series by Abbi Glines. The book was published by Simon and Schuster on 25th April and it is 336 pages long. Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy through

Plot Synopsis
Preston Drake is used to having a different woman every night. He likes no strings attached and he really just wants to have fun. But, he can’t seem to stop thinking about the one girl he is forbidden from touching… his best friend’s little sister who is now all grown up.

Luckily for Preston, Amanda Hardy has had a crush on him for as long as she can remember. After one crazy night, Amanda thinks she might finally have gotten what she has always wanted but Preston can’t seem to get far enough away from her.

No one wants these two to be together but will they be able to ignore their feelings for one another?

What I thought
So far, I have read books 2 and 3 in this series (book 1 isn’t released in the UK yet for some reason) and I have really loved getting to know the range of characters. One that I have found to be extremely mysterious though (even though he hasn’t been featured too much) is Preston Drake and thankfully, this book revolves around him.

Amanda had previously been introduced to the series in Because of Low as she is Marcus’ little sister. From that book, I could quickly tell that she was a sweet girl with a lot of compassion for others around her. However, in that book she came across as quite young but she has definitely changed in this Just for Now. She begins by showing she has grown up and wants to put out a particular image about herself. She wants people to know that she isn’t a little girl anymore and makes sure she comes across as more mature and also as a woman instead of a girl.

Amanda’s sole aim at the beginning of the book is to get Preston’s attention after liking him for so long but this annoyed me a little bit. It was like Amanda had no life if Preston didn’t notice her. She acted as though her world would end and everything depended on him. However, I did admire the girl’s determination especially when it consisted of walking into a club all dressed up on her own, wanting fun and a good time. That is something I would never dare to do.

Just for Now is told through a dual narrative so we get to see what is going on from both points of view. Preston is a really mysterious character who doesn’t let on too much about himself and that made me want to know him so much more. Not many people know what kind of home life Preston has or what he does to earn money to support his family and a large chunk of the plot of this book revolved around revealing Preston’s secrets. I really enjoyed getting to know more about Preston and his reasons behind certain actions.

The relationship between Amanda and Preston was pretty explosive throughout, especially at the beginning. I could feel the tension between the two characters on every page and I loved the push and pull that went on between them. While one character stands by their feelings, the other is worried about the consequences of following their heart. Not only do the two have a great sexual chemistry but there are some wonderfully sweet moments when secrets are revealed and each character opens up to the other.

Just for Now has been one of my favourite Abbi Glines books so far!

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