Wednesday, 31 July 2013

No Books Allowed - July

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Another new job!
Last month I talked about me moving to Norfolk after university and starting a new job as well as applying for another. It took a couple of weeks and a few interviews but I am so happy so say that I got the promotion I had applied for. It's all been a bit overwhelming to be honest. I had only been in my original position as a General Assistant for 7ish weeks and now I'm the manager. 

I have had a hell of a lot to learn in such a short space of time too. After being officially offered the position, I only had a week with the manager at the time before she left for her new job. That isn't a lot of time to think of everything I wanted or needed to ask and it also isn't a lot of time to get used to the idea of taking over. Regardless of the insanely busy first couple of weeks, I really couldn't be happier about getting the job. I'm not sure I'll have as much time for blogging any more though with working a lot of hours but I'm still going to do my best with it. 

While John and I are heading off to Florida in 2 months to get married, we have also been thinking about holidays for next year this month. Even though we have had some ideas of what we wanted we hadn't been able to decide anything until I found out about my promotion. Now that we know more about how we will be with money, we have decided on Paris! I have always wanted to go to Paris but for some reason, chose other places to go first. 

Hopefully we'll be heading to Paris in March for my birthday which will be super exciting. To anyone who has been to Paris already, what are the must do/ must see things? Also, any ideas of what to do that isn't quite so obvious?

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  1. congrats on the job, I already said it on twitter but I'm saying it again!
    You must go up to Montmarte in Paris, its so beautiful! :D x